Why Hemphill Brothers Can Get You The Custom Tour Bus of Your Dreams

You’re going to be spending a lot of time in your custom tour bus. Whether you’re a touring musician, speaker, actor, or anything else that can take you on the road professionally — a large section of your day will be spent on the bus. The shows are only a small portion of your day. So knowing this, you want to be sure you get exactly what you want on your tour bus.

We can put up with certain compromises for a while. Don’t have a comfortable place to sleep? Can’t watch your favorite TV shows? Don’t have enough room for your friends and family? Things of that nature will be okay for a little while, but not forever. These are the exact kind of compromises that will make your time on the road grow less and less enjoyable.

And you don’t want to miss enjoying your time on the road.

A custom tour bus ensures you get exactly what you want. And having what you want will make a drastic difference of how you feel while you’re out there

Here’s how the Hemphill Brothers facility can make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your time on the road.

Highly-Skilled Technicians

We’ll put our technicians up against any others in the business. We employ nothing but the best because we aim to provide nothing but the best. This includes work on our machines at every point in their service cycle.

Maintenance Shop

Danny Settle leads our team tasked with the duty of keeping our buses looking their best — outside and in. Our team takes their time to ensure a full job done correctly from washing the outside of the bus to cleaning the interior. Any blemish can be fixed in our paint booth and mixing station. A professional paint and body shop keeps the exterior in immaculate shape. Our maintenance shop takes care of everything from engine rebuilds to custom paint jobs.

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Interior Repair Department

Interior repairs are taken care of by Bruce Doughtry and crew. The Interior Repair Department addresses any damage or small deficiencies. This includes updating the upholstery or completely redesigning the furniture inside the bus. Technology upgrades are taken care of as well. Do you need a bunk swapped out? Satellite repairs? How about fresh carpet throughout the entire bus? The interior repair department makes sure everything is in top condition and can add anything you like to make sure you have everything you need.

New Conversion Shop

When it comes to designing and constructing new bus builds, Mark Thompson and his crew can’t be beat. They start with nothing but an empty shell and get to work until you have the exact specifications you need to keep you comfortable on the road. A custom tour bus starts with nothing but is soon equipped with beautiful interiors, top of the line electronics, and of course the necessities like plumbing, heating, and cooling. If you have specific needs for your custom tour bus, our technicians will get it done.


Hemphill Brothers Coach Company has been in the custom tour bus industry for decades. And during this time, we’ve been listening closely to what our clients have to say. It would be easy for a company to sit back and let their reputation do the work for them, but that’s not what Hemphill Brothers Coach Company has in mind.

Our experience informs everything we do. We continue to grow and learn as time goes on. Industries change, but customer service does not. And that’s been our focus since first opening our doors in 1980.

We’ve expanded our business over the years. Our successes have been the result of hard work and a dedication to customer satisfaction. If you’re not happy with your custom tour bus, neither are we. This is why we take every precaution to ensure that doesn’t happen.

A Long List of Clients

We wouldn’t have such a long list of happy and well-respected clients if our custom tour buses weren’t the best in the industry. We’re proud to have provided intricate and unique customizations for huge names such as Taylor Swift and the Rolling Stones.

We serve clients in a wide variety of industries — musicians, authors, presidents of the United States, and anybody else in need of a beautiful custom tour bus. But no matter what our clients do for a living, we treat every one of them the way we would like to be treated — and maybe even a little better than that.

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