Leasing a Tour Bus in Nashville

You’re going on tour. Traveling from city to city is exciting. Each night is an opportunity to perform in front of a new crowd, learn about new locations, and see things you haven’t seen before. You’ve been working for years to reach this point and now that it’s here, you want to enjoy it.

And what’s the best way to make sure you soak up every last bit of the tour? By securing a tour bus rental in Nashville.

But how can a tour bus rental help your tour? Let’s look into all the reasons Nashville is the best place for you to find a great tour bus rental.

Why Nashville?

Nashville is a great place for many things — live music, food, professional sports. But Nashville is also a great place for a tour bus rental. Tennessee is located right in the middle of the eastern portion of the country. We are perfectly situated to serve some of the largest markets in the US. New York City, Washington DC, Atlanta — these lucrative markets are all within a day’s drive of Nashville. A tour bus rental in Nashville means you have access to all of these places while also being able to make use of the expertise of the professionals at Hemphill Brothers Coach Company.

How A Bus Can Help

There are numerous ways a performer can get from town to town. But none of the available options provide the amount of benefits gained from a tour bus rental in Nashville. Flying is quick. However, it is also very expensive to fly between every stop on your tour. Driving yourself will save some money, but it puts the burden of travel squarely on your shoulders. You don’t want to drain your bank account just as much as you don’t want to hate your time on the road. And if you’re driving between every city and not getting enough rest, your enjoyment is going to be drained.

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Travel in Comfort

A tour bus rental allows you to enjoy your time on the road. No more dealing with traffic, road ragers, or potholes — you’ll be relaxing in a comfortable environment. It’s important to unwind. It allows you to focus on what’s important — the tour — instead of all of the other things that come with it — the travel. Performers that don’t enjoy themselves on tour either don’t end up doing it or are simply unhappy the whole time. Save yourself from this with a tour bus rental in Nashville.

Get Proper Rest

Letting someone else take the wheel gives you the opportunity to tune out, relax, and get quality sleep every night. This is important. A good night’s sleep sets you up for a successful day. Driving through the night not only diminishes your capabilities the following day, it’s also dangerous. Being drowsy on the road can lead to disastrous consequences. And pulling over to get some rest can cause you to arrive in your target city late. Sleep well. Feel better. You’ll thank yourself for your tour bus rental every morning.

Professional Drivers

A tour bus rental in Nashville means you have access to Hemphill Brothers Coach Company’s roster of experienced, professional drivers. We have more than 150 drivers with years of experience on the open roads. We pride ourselves on safety, timeliness, and quality customer service. You can rest easily knowing that one of our drivers is behind the wheel. Attention to detail, knowledge and experience on the road, and the skills to get you there safely are prerequisites for our employees. Your tour bus will always be in the expert care of one of our talented drivers.


Hemphill Brothers Coach Company has been around for about forty years. We’ve seen all the ways the transportation industry has changed over the years. This is why we’re always prepared for what comes next. Providing quality tour bus rentals in Nashville has been an important service for years, and it’s one we don’t take lightly. We know our customers put more than just their tours in our hands — they put their safety in our hands. We take every precaution possible to make sure your tour goes smoothly and you get home safely.

Bring the Family

Perhaps the best affordance a tour bus rental gives our customers in Nashville is the ability to bring along the family. A tour bus provides plenty of space. Your loved ones can come along for the ride instead of waiting for you back home. And you don’t have to miss out on all of life’s precious moments because you are separated from your family while you are away.

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