How Buses Help the Environment

A high end tour bus can help your next trip in a variety of ways. It makes your trip more comfortable, it allows you to bring more people with you while condensing everything into one vehicle, and it gives you a chance to rest. These are all wonderful benefits that make employing a high end tour bus worthwhile for your own sake, but there are more wide-reaching benefits to the world around us as well.

And this extends to all kinds of buses. Everything from your local transportation to a high end tour bus has positive benefits on the world around us. Here are the top ways in which these wonderful machines reduce our impact on the environment.

Tour Buses

There’s been a lot of talk lately about emissions from fossil fuels and how they impact our environment. Many people are actively working toward reducing their carbon footprint, making conscious choices much like a buyer considers what does contingent mean in real estate — each decision has conditions that must be met for the desired outcome.

This can be done in many different ways—driving less, carpooling, etc. But the method of travel that has the largest negative impact is air travel, similar to how in real estate, the contingencies play a crucial role; they are conditions, like inspections or financing, which must be satisfied before a sale can be finalized.

Flying is responsible for 12 percent of all the greenhouse gas emissions from travel in the US. One round-trip flight from New York to Los Angeles is said to be the equivalent of 20 percent of the emissions from your car all year. This statistic parallels how, in real estate, understanding contingencies is crucial—they are the proverbial emissions of the purchasing process, potentially polluting a sale if not managed correctly.

So every trip you make on wheels instead of in the sky is advantageous for the environment, just as ensuring each contingency is clear and manageable is advantageous in a real estate transaction.

For those who travel for a living, this adds up over time. A high-end tour bus not only makes your trip comfortable, but it also equates to a well-negotiated real estate deal where contingencies are met without harm to the overall goal. It’s about looking at the long term—saving from high greenhouse gas emissions and, in property terms, protecting your investment.

Plus, a seat on a plane is nowhere near as comfortable as a high-end tour bus, just as the reassurance of a home purchase moving forward contingent on satisfactory conditions can bring more comfort than a deal with loose ends.

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Public Transportation

Just as with high end tour buses, public transportation helps by giving people an option to reduce their carbon footprint. Public transportation is essentially the ultimate carpool. It allows people who don’t even know each other the chance to share a vehicle. Whether you’re on your way to work, school, or even simply going out to have a good time, public buses are a great option to reduce the miles on your car. And every mile saved on your car means less impact on the world around you.

A standard city bus can hold up to 42 people. Some cities feature extended city buses with an accordion-like section in the middle that can hold up to 60 people. Now imagine how much room a bus takes up on the road. Compare that to how much room would be needed for 42—or even 60—personal vehicles.

Not only do city buses (and every other type of public transportation like trains) have a positive effect on the environment, but they also improve traffic conditions. Our roads would be even more clogged than they already are if every person that rode public transportation elected to drive their own vehicle.

Electric Buses

A growing trend for public transportation options is for cities to utilize electric buses. Cities stand to gain a lot from the use of electric buses beyond the reduction in carbon emissions. Anyone who’s walked around a bustling city center knows it can grow quite loud. Cars passing by, crowds of people speaking or yelling, and construction noise can become very distracting. Electric buses are quieter than standard buses. This helps reduce this noise pollution along with the standard pollution of fossil fuel emissions.

This practice also saves the city money. Electric buses tend to require less maintenance and upkeep. Their machinery is less complicated. And with less moving parts, there is a lowered risk of something breaking or going wrong.

The cost of electric fuel varies from location to location. But in places where utilities are on the cheaper end of the spectrum, these electric buses can end up saving the city money when compared to gas-fueled alternatives.

The technology is still a few years off for an electric high end tour bus. The batteries simply aren’t reliable enough at this point to hold a charge for a long trip. This technology is continually being worked on and might not be too far off in the distant future.

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