The Future of Entertainer Coach Buses

The world of cross-country travel is constantly evolving. New technologies and new trends are making their way into the design and use of luxury tour buses. Transportation isn’t a static industry, and this is especially true in the world of entertainer coaches. Technology is constantly used to make the trips more exciting — use of new TVs, mechanical advancements, and plenty of other new tricks are helping our rides become even smoother.

But these advancements aren’t going to stop. There are new opportunities on the horizon that will make our experience better. They will also diminish our impact on the world around us. We live at an exciting point of history and the technological changes are going to continue to improve our way of life. And when it comes to the entertainer coach, the industry is always pushing to find the next big thing.

Here are some upcoming trends that excite us the most.

Voice-Activated Technology

The way we interact with the world around us is constantly evolving. This includes not only how we communicate with other people, but how we ingest various forms of media. This is driven by innovations in technology.

And the technology that is seeing a major spike in popularity is the ability to manipulate devices using only your voice.

This technology isn’t exactly new. In fact, it has been around in one form or another for almost 70 years. However, the last decade or so has seen the use of voice-activated technology skyrocket.

This is due to various factors, the most important being that the technology has simply gotten much better. The ease of use makes it a very attractive method of performing tasks. And as the years continue to roll on, this technology is only going to get better.

The demand for this technology will jump in all aspects of a person’s life, which includes the entertainer coach. Expect to see voice-activated technology on everything from the television, to the stereo, and wherever else the technology spreads as it continues to evolve.

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Electric and Hybrid Motors

Electric cars used to be almost laughable in their inability to drive long distances. But as the tide of public perception starts to shift toward a focus on sustainability, more time and energy has been placed on developing this technology.

In fact, there are plenty of cities that are making use of fully electric or hybrid motors for their city buses. This has the benefit of reducing cost at the same time as reducing emissions. A reduction in emissions helps keep the local air clean for residents while also diminishing the impact on the climate in general.

However, these systems still have trouble traveling for long distances. But as this technology continues to be perfected, we can expect great strides in the distances they can travel in a single charge. And we will see an increased willingness to use this technology on entertainer coaches once this ability becomes solidified.


One of the many wonderful things about entertainer coach buses is that they are essentially a blank slate when they come from the factory. Four wheels, an engine, and some walls are all we need to make your requests come to life. This adaptability is going to be important in the future as demand for a custom entertainer coach continues to grow.

The comfort and convenience of a custom luxury tour bus is becoming well-known throughout various industries. And as the demand for these vehicles continues to grow, so will the range of requests.

Increased Customization

Hemphill Brothers Coach Company has maintained a focus on making sure their customers are happy. After all, we wouldn’t have been able to stay in business since 1980 without happy customers.

We’ve done this by fulfilling requests no other entertainer coach bus company can fulfill. It doesn’t matter if you want a full recording studio in the back of your bus, exercise equipment, or state-of-the-art television sets, Hemphill Brothers Coach Company can make it happen.

And this focus on customization is only going to increase in the future. We attract the top names in the entertainment industry for a reason. Our facility is specially-equipped with not only the best materials and tools, but the best minds in the industry.

Your perfect entertainer coach might differ from everybody else’s. That’s why Hemphill Brothers Coach Company offers full customization on their luxury tour buses.

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