How Can A Luxury Tour Bus Improve Your Performance?

Going on tour is exciting. However, it can also be draining. There are many factors that go into not only your enjoyment of your time on the road, but also how you perform on a nightly basis. One of the most simple aspects you can control is travel. And how you go about this has a great effect on not only your enjoyment of your shows, but also that of your audience.

Here are the ways a luxury tour bus can help you make the most of your performances.

Better Preparation

They say “luck” is the intersection of preparation and opportunity. Well, every night is an opportunity when you’re on tour. And the more you can prepare for each performance, the more luck you can create for yourself each night.

A luxury tour bus affords you the opportunity to give yourself all the time you need to make the most of each performance. Every type of live performance—be it a speech, a musical concert, a political rally—benefits from sufficient preparation.

This could take the form of reviewing notes, running scales, or simply going through the section of the performance in a quiet space. Any time you are able to give yourself beforehand will come out when it’s time for the show.

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More Sleep

We all know what it feels like when we don’t get enough sleep. Our brains seem to function slower. We’re sluggish. Our attention spans are shorter. There are plenty of reasons we need a good night of sleep. Even so, we often put ourselves in positions that make getting a good night of sleep difficult. This is often done with the goal of focusing on something more important, like work.

But depriving yourself of sleep is anti-productive. Taking extra time from sleep to get something done only makes everything else more difficult. Sleep is what keeps our minds sharp and bodies ready to tackle what we need to do.

And when you’re performing on stage, you need both mind and body in top form.

A luxury tour bus give you the space and privacy you need to get this crucial sleep. The ability to sleep in the same place night after night gives you the comfort you need to drift fully into REM sleep.

Time to Unwind

Being onstage is a rush. It gets your brain firing quickly and provides an abundance of sensory stimulation. But once it’s all over, you need to give yourself the opportunity to relax. We aren’t designed to keep up this level of stimulation. Your brain and body need a break.

And if you have to focus on driving yourself after each show, you won’t get the chance to give yourself the rest you need. A luxury tour bus not only gives you the space you need to kick back and collect your thoughts before and after a performance, it gives you your ideal environment in which to do it.

A luxury tour bus means customization. You dictate what you need in order to relax and the professionals at Hemphill Brothers Coach Company go to work making it happen.


You don’t want to be trying to navigate new situations every day before going on stage. Showing up to the performance unsure of what’s going on around you puts your performance at a disadvantage. But if you can roll into each performance with confidence and comfort, you are giving yourself the best chance of a great performance.

Luxury tour buses let you bring a little piece of home with you. What lighting sets you most at ease? What kind of seating do you prefer? Are there any leisure activities you’d like to bring along with you?

Any aspect of your daily life that can be brought along becomes an asset as you move through your tour.

Bring Everyone You Need

Even if you’re the only person on stage, there is surely a group of people behind the scenes that helps you make the most of each performance. There are occasionally limitations on the space we have, which means some people might not be able to come along. This isn’t a problem with a luxury tour bus.

Traveling with family members can make all the difference in our day-to-day enjoyment of being on the road. Sharing your experiences, not missing any quality time, all of it brightens your mood which shines through in your performances.

Or maybe there are certain crew members that make all the difference in your performance. No matter what job they perform, the work of all the crewmembers adds up to a great experience for performers and audiences alike.

Design your luxury tour bus to include everyone and everything you need to maximize your performance.

Visit Hemphill Brothers Coach Company to see how they can help you accomplish this.