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Hemphill Brothers press photos

Trent and Joey Hemphill


Digital Control for Shower

Sleeping Quarters for Pets

Outside Bay Entertainment

Extra Sleeping Area

Tablet Control System

Front Lounge (5)

XLII 12 Sleeper

Master Bath

Make Up Mirror


H3-45 Double Slide

Front Bath

Baby Crib

Back Bath

Twin Baby Bunks

Star Bus Galley

Star Bus at Night

Front Lounge (2)

Front Lounge (3)

Front Lounge (4)

Front Lounge 7

Master Bedroom

Front Lounge 1

Master Shower

Kid Packages

Front Galley

Front Lounge

Front Lounge 6

Triple Slide Star Bus

Galley Area with Fireplace

Front Lounge Star Bus

Hemphill Brothers Buses

Front Lounge Triple Slide

Television in Bathroom Mirror

Front Bath