Health Benefits of a Custom Sleeper Bus

Traveling can be uncomfortable. Moving from place to place and sleeping in a bumpy vehicle can cause a person to lose massive amounts of sleep. However, we don’t usually pay too much attention to lost sleep. We drink more coffee. We turn to other sources of caffeine to get us through the day.

But sleep is incredibly important not only to the way you feel each day, but to your general health. Your capabilities throughout a day are directly related to the amount of quality sleep you are able to get the night before.

So how do you get proper sleep even while you’re on the road? A custom sleeper bus is the best way to ensure you are properly rested and ready for each day. Here are the 7 benefits you stand to gain from employing a custom sleeper bus for your next tour.


Your brain repairs itself as you sleep. Adequate sleep allows for improvement of various brain functions such as concentration and productivity. Think back to when you were in school. Do you remember how hard it was to pay attention in your early classes? This is because you were still tired — a likely result of staying up too late and getting up too early.

This affects large parts of our daily lives —not just in school. Getting enough sleep helps you to remain sharp throughout the following day.

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Athletic Performance

A study was performed with basketball players to assess the effect of sleep on their performance. The results showed the players that got more sleep performed much better than the other participants in the study. In fact, more sleep was linked to a faster timed sprint, increased shooting accuracy, an improvement in reaction time, and improved overall well-being.

And even if you aren’t gearing up each day to play basketball, increased athletic performance is bound to provide a benefit. Performers need stamina and endurance to get through their shows every evening.


Poor sleep has effects on much more than just your physical well-being. Mental health issues can also be exacerbated by a lack of adequate sleep. However, issues such as depression can result in a cycle of negative sleep quality — the depression can make it difficult to sleep while the sleep makes the depression even worse.

But even if your particular problems aren’t as serious as medical depression, your daily mood suffers when you don’t get enough sleep. We’re more likely to be irritable. Our tempers are shorter. Simply allowing yourself more time to sleep can help to make these problems better.

Less Likely to Get Sick

Lack of sleep can lead to impairments in your immune system. Conversely, getting more sleep gives your body the tools it needs to fight off sickness and infection. Employing the services of a custom sleeper bus can provide the atmosphere you need to get a comfortable night of sleep every night.

This focus on sleep can help keep you more healthy as you continue through each stop of your tour.

Social Interactions

A lack of sleep makes it more difficult to interact with those around you. And when you’re on tour, you’re going to be interacting with large amounts of people every day. This goes beyond the irritability that is frequently experienced by those that haven’t gotten enough sleep.

Studies have shown that a lack of sleep has been related to a decreased ability to differentiate between expressions of anger and happiness in others. Other studies have shown that a lack of sleep negatively affects your ability to process emotional information and recognize social cues.

Underlying Health Risks

Sleep gives our bodies the tools they need to fight off infection and disease. In fact, a prolonged inability to pack in the necessary amount of sleep has been linked to an increased chance of heart disease and stroke. Cell damage and inflammation are two other negative effects of a lack of sleep that can have long-term consequences.

It’s recommended to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. A custom sleeper bus can be designed to give you the conditions you need to achieve this goal on a frequent basis.


Not getting enough sleep can also have effects on your weight. A lack of sleep has been linked to how we process insulin and adverse effects on blood sugar. Beyond that, an increased appetite has been shown in those that don’t get enough sleep. There are various ways sleep affects the way we eat and how we process it, but the bottom line is that a lack of sleep can lead to weight gain.

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