2017 Drivers Meeting Recap

Congratulations to the award winners listed below.  These awards were passed out by Joey, Trent, Mark, Danny/Bruce and Stacie.

  1. The “Ron Bear Jones” Driver of the Year award went to Josh Easter, (Runner up Terry Ford) Driver Voted.
  2. The “Excellence in Coach Maintenance” Award went to Kevin Robbins (Runner up Kevin Premer)  as presented by Danny Settle and Bruce Doughty.
  3. The ”Leadership Award” went to Josh Easter, as presented by Joey Hemphill and Trent Hemphill.
  4. The “Dwayne Harper” Award of Excellence (Log Book Award) went to Andrew Morton, as presented by Stacie Allen and Most Improved went to Josh Ulbrich.
  5. The “Helping Hand” Award went to Danny Fetty, (Runner up, Jared Petit) Driver Voted.
  6. The “Rookie of the Year” went to William “Chip” Howland, (20 year Driver, but new to Hemphill) Driver Voted.

Kevin Premer was also honored for his 20 years of service, while Bill Compton and Paul Hortop were honored for 25 years of service.