2012 Drivers Meeting

Each January Hemphill Brothers Coach Company brings together all of their drivers for the annual Driver’s Meeting. In 2012, the drivers gathered for a morning of updates, new rules and regulations and celebration of the past year’s accomplishments, including awards of excellence.

Below is a list of the awards given and this year’s recipients.

Leadership Award: Marty Beeler
For displaying the ability to lead by setting a standard that others will want to follow.

Award of Excellence: STEVE “Rabbit” EASTER
For showing the greatest improvement in their dedication to excellence in their duties by completing and submitting all required paperwork with minimal violations.
Honorable Mentions: Earle Singleton, Fred Reed, Billy Jones, Josh Easter, Mike Jones, Billy Smith Jr., Marc Speer and Jack Cummings

Most Improved: Danny Fetty

Driver of the Year: Dale Brock
For showing outstanding leadership, being helpful to other drivers, being a team player, keeping a positive attitude, being a safe driver and keeping their bus spotless
Honorable Mention: Curly Jones

Helping Hands Award: Curly Jones
For displaying the highest willingness and greatest abilities to help other drivers with their mechanical and interior repairs while on the road.

Maintenance Achievement: John Dogherra
For setting the highest standard in preventative maintenance and equipment quality.

Rookie of the Year: Darryl Lee
For showing that even though they have only been with Hemphill Brothers for a relatively short time, they have what it takes to someday be a driver of the year

Also during the meeting, Kurt Fetty celebrated 20 years with Hemphill Brother’s Coach Company, while Jim “Casper” Dezwarte celebrated 25 years and Ron “Bear” Jones celebrated 30 years. From that day forward, the Driver of the Year was named the Ron “Bear” Jones Driver of the Year Award in honor of his 30 years of service.