William Trent Hemphill

Joel W. Hemphill, Jr.

Trent Hemphill, President and CEO, spent the first part of his life traveling all over North America in entertainer coaches with his family, the well-known gospel group, The Hemphills. It was a natural progression to entertainer coach leasing, as Trent and his brother Joey started what has become one of the top companies in the bus leasing industry.

Trent believes that the continuted success of Hemphill Brothers Coach Company will be based on exceeding the expectations of our clients. We do that through a combination of quality design, careful attention to detail and a world-class staff. Under Trent's leadership "Hemphill Quality" service is now an industry standard. This has resulted in many strong, long-term, relationships in the entertainment industry.

An honest and innovative leader, Trent has successfully guided this business to a record-breaking year of continued growth. The company has provided transportation for clients such as NSync, Ricky Martin, Britney Spears, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Cher, Ed McMahon, and George W. Bush, just to name a few.

Trent believes that one record-breaking year deserves another. He will continue to focus his time and efforts on maintaining established relationships, while acquiring the business of many more new clients in the years to come.

Joel W. Hemphill, Jr. (Joey), Chairman & Treasurer, has been around buses all of his life. When Joey and Trent started the company in 1980 with two old 1965 Eagles, Joey spent much of his time repairing the buses. This experience helped him acquire a talent for building and maintaining the quality buses that travel this country's highways today.

By working with many of the country's top entertainers, Joey has developed a reputation for building quality custom interiors that is synonymous with Hemphill Brothers Coach Company. Joey pays attention to the needs and desires of Hemphill clients, a key factor in the company's success.

Many of the artists who lease a new Prevost long term contribute to the design and layout of the coach, which is a key element in making Hemphill Brothers stand out from all other coach companies.

Under Joey's supervision and with the expertise of his qualified mechanics and interior conversion crew, the fleet continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

Although anyone who sees the interior of a new bus leaving the Nashville-based facility thinks it to be the most beautiful one ever made–one that could never be topped–Joey already has new plans for the next "best interior ever to be built".


Mark Larson

Mark Larson, Vice President, plays a major roll in the day-to-day operations at Hemphill Brothers Coach Company. Mark is originally from Minneapolis, MN but spent the majority of his childhood growing up in Central America and Europe. In 1982, he moved to Nashville and started out as both a musician and a driver for a Gospel group. This experience helped him develop a unique perspective of both a performer and the demanding responsibilities of driving an entertainer coach.

Mark started driving part-time for Hemphill Brothers Coach Company in 1985. Things quickly moved from part-time to full-time and over the next few years, he drove artists like Paul McCartney, Michael Bolton, Gloria Estefan and Natalie Cole, to name a few.

In 1993, Mark left the road to put his driving experience to work in the office assisting Trent in booking the tours and in the day-to-day operations of the company. As the fleet grew, Mark was promoted to Operations Manager where he assumed more of the responsibility of booking tours, hiring drivers and scheduling buses. He also developed specialized software and method systems for a better organized and smoother operation.

Heather A. Odean

Heather Odean, Assistant Operations Manager, is a key member of the management team at Hemphill Brothers Coach Company. Heather also plays an important role in Coach Leasing where she works closely with clients such as Aretha Franklin, Adam Sandler, Phil Vassar, Keith Urban and Oscar de la Hoya to insure that their lease programs are successful.

Heather joined the Hemphill Brothers team in July, 1999 from Star Trax Celebrity Coaches in South Carolina where she was the Director of Leasing and Sales. A graduate of Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC, Heather worked in Marketing and Advertising before entering the Tour Bus Leasing Industry.